Gift Store Open House

The countdown is on – The gift store open house is right around the corner. Displays are getting bigger and our selection will have you finding a gift for everyone on your list!!! If you’ve never made it to our open house, make it a point this year because the Christmas trees are “rolling” in – the guy’s tree that is. Just to give you a little tease, here are a few things to look forward to and/or admire in the store. We have a winter farmers market with fresh fruits and veggies for the pickin’ (not for the eatin’), a canoe carrying Christmas trees (did I mention it was a BIG canoe?) down the aisle passing a forest, secluded log cabin and finally stopping at the slops to do some skiing under the stars, and then walk the runway with the hottest winter women’s fashion trends straight from the North Pole (Mrs Claus favorite designs). Throughout our winter wonderland, don’t forget to say hi to the elves, hard at work of course ;), making all the “toys” you see in the store. So mark your calendars to receive 25% off – if you’re on the “nice list” that is!!!

See our Event Page for more details! A BIG thank you to Lisa and Justine for all their hard work and creativity.

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It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

The elves are hard at work, the birds are stringing the popcorn garlands and the letters to Santa are being sent to the North Pole … but seriously this is exactly what’s going on in our gift store. The girls have really out done themselves this year! Our store is themed from floor to ceiling with the perfect gift, perfect decoration, and/or perfect inspiration for the holiday season! I have to say, every year we tell ourselves we won’t be able to top last year’s displays, but we always end up surprising ourselves! Go Lisa and Justine!!! We did start extra early in order to get it all done, but the more time we had to get creative, the more unique displays we were able to make. We hope you enjoy shopping our gift store as much as we had fun decorating it for you!

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Handmade and Made to Last

As Boxwood is one of our most popular evergreens in the Spring, it’s no surprise people go crazy for boxwood wreaths in the Winter! Thanks to the busy fingers of Gardenscapes LLC of Woodbury, these locally made wreaths will last in or outside your home. They do hold up better outside where it is cooler but you can keep them just as beautiful indoors by misting them too. You can also prolong the life by spraying it with a foliage sealer. This seals in the moisture so you can enjoy it in your home far after the holidays are over. It’s simplicity makes it a must have to your home decor.

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“Wood” you take a look at this

I know it hasn’t snowed yet in CT, but we were still able to make a Frosty, or should we call him Woody? What do you think?

This quick DIY project in the gift store turned into days of building a whole family of snowmen, one of which we made the famous Olaf and a couple others we made six feet tall for our entrance! What a simple concept, three pieces of wood stacked on top of each other makes an awesome one-of-a-kind Christmas decoration. Use ribbon to make your snowman a scarf and sticks for his arms. Come in and see what else we used for arms! And it doesn’t have to stop there, you can add a hat, buttons and a pipe! Let nature inspire your creativity. What will you use?

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