Wearing Autumn


Like so many of us, autumn is a favorite time of year for me. The blooming and changing colors of gold, orange, red, and brown signify a change for each of us. Time to prepare for shorter and colder days. Our days in reality don’t get shorter, but they feel as if they are. Our bodies and minds so clearly respond to daylight as they too begin a process of reducing on energy.

This time of year, a favorite past time of my mother and I would be to take a drive and pick out our favorite shades of the changing colors of the leaves and joyfully pick what we would want to wear in that particular color.

“That gold would be a perfect sweater!”
“I’d love a dress that color red!”


It was our way of being in harmony with the changing colors of nature…and each other.

Next time you are out, take an extra moment to enjoy the changing colors of autumn and pick a color or two that you would like to wear.  If you want to experience all the colors of the season at one time…stop by THE GARDEN to enjoy the flowers, scents and maybe pick out a sweater in gold or a dress in a shade of red.

My Summer Vacation

I remember as a kid, returning to school and having to write an essay on what I did during my summer vacation. Those essays always filled me with dread. Most certainly, everyone else would have something more interesting to say than what my family and I did during my summer vacation.  Typically we spent the summer at home. I look back on those summers and realize they were a magical time spent with the people who love me and that I love….namely, my family.

Summertime is garden-time. Mom always planted a vegetable garden. My brother and I were often in charge of the weeding and watering of the garden. Our efforts also entitled us to the picking of the ripe fruits and vegetables for the family dinner table. Mom loved beefsteak tomatoes, they were practically a meal unto themselves! Maintaining the gardens around the house were also part of our summertime domain. Mom loved lots of flowers. She always felt plants provide beauty to everything they touch.

Mid-summer we would drive to upstate New York to stay at the family cottage nestled on a remote lake for a week or two. Mom, Dad, four kids and our grandmother stayed in a two bedroom cottage with one bathroom, a small black and white TV (with only occasional reception) and a telephone for emergencies. But it was heaven on earth! Swimming in the lake, rowing, taking walks, collecting wild flowers, catching fireflies and reading lots of books. When all else failed, a deck of cards came out to pass the time.

Summers are different now. The family is spread out and no longer spends time together as we used to. But a few things remain the same…such as the love we have for one another, catching fireflies is still fun, and plants still provide beauty to everything they touch.

Raindrops Keep Falling

It seems as if we have had our share of the rain this year…haven’t we? And I have to admit that the rain can be so very soothing.

I learned as youngster to always have a book with me in case of down time. Being a kid, that usually meant being able to read while waiting for my parents. When I babysat, a book was essential to pass the time after those I was watching went to bed. During summer vacation, we never had a reason to be bored because if we were unable to be outside to play, we had a book to read. I have fond memories of reading while listening to the summer rain fall on the roof, among the trees and on the water at the lake that we spent a lot of time at growing up. The pitter patter of the rain is so soothing in its repetition. After the rain stops, there is nothing more beautiful than the shimmer it leaves behind on all the plants and trees.

Even here at The Garden, when the rain stops, the plant and flowers look beautiful as they shine with wetness in the light. We all take a moment from time to time to appreciate this.

Gazing at beauty never gets old, does it?

Favorite Things

They say a song or an image or a scent can transport you to a different place and time by the intensity of the memory associated with that song, image or scent. Hearing the ABBA song “Dancing Queen” reminds me of a ski trip I took in high school with some friends to Jack Frost Mountain in Pennsylvania.  I had never been on skis before, but my friends and I were up for the adventure. Jack Frost had speakers on the mountain and I remember hearing “Dancing Queen” as I soared down the slope. My heart was racing as I sang and prayed to stay upright and in one piece!

The rainbow is an image that reminds me of a loved one who loved to draw. His illness was taking his life, but many of the pictures he created in his last months had a rainbow incorporated into the drawing and/or painting. Seeing a rainbow immediately reminds me of my loved one and the many years we spent together.

For some the scent of a turkey dinner is all they need to be transported to a family holiday dinner and being surrounded by loved ones. For me it is the scent of fresh lavender. My mother loved lavender and could not get enough of its soothing fragrance. If a cleaning solution (i.e. laundry detergent and/or fabric softener) had a lavender fragrance, you can bet my mother would purchase it. But I loved best going out to the garden where we had a large patch of lavender growing, to cut a bunch and bring indoors for our family to enjoy the calming fragrance.

Close your eyes.  Go ahead close them…and think about a few of YOUR favorite things!

Thank You!

Many thanks to you, our customers, who joined us on Customer Appreciation Day!  Despite the early torrential rains, many joined us early in the morning.  By the time pizza and ice cream were being served at noon, the weather was clearing and eventually the sun and blue skies greeted everyone! Thank you for helping to make this year’s Customer Appreciation Day a memorable one!


I hadn’t seen my high school friend for quite some time.  Life and geography just seemed to put a wedge between us over the years. One day I receive a phone call out of the blue from Leslie.  She was going to be in the area for a business trip and could we get together for dinner? Surprised and delighted, I of course said yes.  She would come to my house and I would make dinner for us.

Reunion day my ever-thoughtful friend did not come empty handed. She brought with her a small pink rose bush. She had never been to my house and was not sure what to bring. Her gift could not have been more perfect!  We enjoyed catching up over the next few hours. Her hearing about my family and my children and me hearing about hers. We parted but not before promising to do a better job of staying in touch.  This is a promise we have kept.

I planted that rose bush in my back yard and enjoyed watching it grow over the next few years. Our renewed friendship also grew. Again, life changes came into play and I sold my house and moved South. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take the rose bush with me.  I have since returned North and my friend recently moved to the South. Funny how the geography keeps changing. I will be visiting Leslie soon….guess what I will bring with me?

It’s a Family Affair

The Garden (Woodbury, CT) and Dietrich Gardens (Cheshire, CT) are more than merely garden nurseries. Our nurseries are places that connect us to you…connecting our family to your family. Just as you take pride in your home, the Dietrich family takes pride in planting and growing beautiful plants that help you express who you are in an attractive and natural way.  We understand and share your appreciation of the beauty that Mother Nature makes possible for each of us to enjoy.

Our family includes our employees who take as much pride as we do in helping you when you come to us.  We hope to make your selection experience the start of your excitement as you choose your plants, to be exceeded only by your enjoyment as you watch your plants grow and beautifully grace your home, office, vacation home… or wherever you put them!

We grow with love and care to bring you the very best plants for your home and surroundings – from our family to yours.


Mary, Mary, quite contrary

How does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockleshells

And pretty maids all in a row.


This is a nursery rhyme that my children and I would repeat over and over when we would be working in our own garden. We didn’t have silver bells or pretty maids, but we did have shells from our visits to the beach decorating our garden.  My children delighted in the sing/song that accompanied our work. Little hands digging in the soil can be both fun and teachable. Teaching my children about life in plants – care in watering, weeding and harvesting – is such a wonderful memory for me…and them.

At very young ages, my children learned to touch with “one finger” to be able to experience the delicate nature of a plant: their leaves and blossoms without being too rough in their touch. As they got older, they learned to use their fingers to push soil aside, play with worms, plant the seed or seedling, water and weed.  Watching them lean in to take a deep breath of a flower is a picture I only have to close my eyes to see.

Mary, Mary…how does your garden grow? 
It grows with love and memories.

Rainbow of Colors

I have always loved seeing a rainbow. The magical appearance of colors in the sky, aligned together and bent ever so gently, caressing the horizon in the shape of an arch. Rainbows inspire dreaming. Where do they begin…where do they end…does anybody really know? The same for my dreams…no beginning that I can remember and hopefully no end to my dreaming.  What do I dream about?  Mostly about the good life: those I love – my family and my friends. I dream of us being together and enjoying our lives. This includes those in my family who have gone before me. In my dreams they are with

me. My dreams are as magical as the colors of the rainbow. I love being surrounded by colors…there are never too many colors…and I love that there are seasons for some colors. White, red and green in the winter; yellow, pink and purple in the spring; lush greens and almost every color imaginable in the summer; and muted yellows, reds and browns in the fall.

I love all the colors, but I especially love red and white. Red as fire and passion, white as the purity of a blanket of snow. These colors speak to me.

What colors speak to you?  Are you listening?

Summertime is Reunion Time

Summertime is so often family reunion time!
I remember my first family reunion on my father’s side. It was such fun reconnecting with family that I had not seen in years.  My cousin, Geena, wasn’t a little kid anymore, but a beautiful and bright young woman with an international career, husband and two children. Her brother, Jim, now owned a local restaurant and my Aunt Rose was the hostess! And of course, I met family members I did not know I had. My family had moved to another state when I was just a child and as a result we saw family infrequently. Another cousin, Ann, was in charge of invitations to all family members she could find (and thankfully she found us).

Local members of the family were in charge of decorating, and decorate they did! Colorful table clothes, matching plates and napkins joined potted flowers on the tables creating a warm, inviting and festive atmosphere. As the breeze blew, it carried the gentle fragrance of the flowers to all nearby.  It is hard to say what was more impressive to look at, the beautiful flowers or the piles of home-cooked foods displayed to be shared by one and all. A fun time was enjoyed by everyone that day!

At the end of the reunion, families were able to take home a potted plant so each family could keep the memory alive of our time together even longer. My fond memories of that day return as my daisies, with care, continue to bloom every summer.