Ready. Set. Grow

Oh the wonderful smell of soil! The Vinca Vine, Geraniums and Fuchsia are in the dirt everyone! Next to come in this month are the 4″ crops of Geraniums, New Guineas, Dahlias, Begonias and much more. I know what you’re thinking, it takes this long for them to grow? Yes, that Geranium hanging basket you buy for Mother’s Day was started and cared for since January.

There is a lot that goes into growing and we love every minute of it. When the Geranium plugs come in, the first thing we have to do is strip off any buds and what we like to call “lobster leaves”. This allows the sunlight in so the plant can give all it’s energy into producing fresh new leaves and to grow more efficiently. All this is done by hand by-the-way. Then, once we strip them down to just a couple fresh leaves, we clean them with Beneficial Nematodes. These little “buggers” (live microscopic organisms) prevent any fungus gnats or any other pest problems we might encounter while growing. Now our babies are in our custom blend of soil, ready to grow for you!

That’s the dirt for now …


Spring Ahead

Breathe … spring is here, and when you are ready, we are ready for you. We sprung ahead and got your favorite first color for the garden – pansies are here and smiling all different shades of color. Which color to pick is the only tough part. With the season change, plants are rolling in on the daily. Our first tree and shurb deliveries are here, our houseplant selection keeps growing and our annuals/perennials are peaking over the pots to say hello. It is spring and we are digging it!

that’s the dirt for now …

Endless Inventory

Still in hibernation this winter? We have a way you can still shop with us even though you don’t want to leave your “cave” to go out-and-about in this weather. There are two great growers we buy from that allow you to purchase from their inventory and have it shipped to our garden center for free. Isn’t that amazing? We think so too and we can’t wait for you to check it out. What a wonderful way to get your plant fix in this March snow! Here’s how you do it, go to the plants page of our website and we will direct you to our tree grower, Bower and Branch. You may also want to see what the famous Monrovia’s got “growing on” – Go to for their plant selection. We hope you enjoy “shopping” our endless inventory selection. Don’t worry, spring is around the corner. We will see you soon!!!

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Spring Fever?

Spring fever? We have your remedy here! With a little primrose, a dash of pansy and a hint of bulbs, you will feel ready for the outdoors in no time. The best thing about these early favorites is they can handle the cold nights. I’m sure everyone has been in the situation when Mother Nature “tricks” us into thinking we are done with frost, and then when we least expect it, she wipes out the warmer loving annuals you had just planted. Oh man! Nothing is worse! So with the warmer days and cool night weather, stick to the lovers of the chill (unless of course you watch the weather religiously and don’t mind bring your plants in and out and in and out and … you get the picture). Don’t forget to get your cold crop veggies too! Have fun in the garden.

That’s the dirt for now …

Small Change – Big Impact

We have done some exciting things for you in the retail greenhouse! During the season, it gets mighty tight in the aisles so we decided to give you more room to shop with your carts. What a concept, huh? We widened the two main aisles from 30 inches to 55 inches!!! This should allow enough room for two carts to pass each other! YAY! In addition, we have put in a monsterous “cut-through” aisle in the middle of the greenhouse for ease of turnarounds. This should help with the flow of carts and make shopping easier and a lot more fun! With this change, we have lost some table space, but don’t worry we have a plan! Instead of squeezing our houseplants and “shade loving” annuals in our “little” 40X150 space, we have decided to expand and fill the greenhouse exclusively with houseplants. We will then move the “shade” annuals into our big plenty-of-room glasshouse.

Because our main goal in this greenhouse reno was to give everyone more room to shop with carts, we wanted to make sure you can check out easily too! During our busiest weekends, we are well aware of how crammed it gets between the checkout line and other customers coming in and out of the greenhouse. We had many pow-wows trying to come up with different options to fix this, but when it all came down to it, the best idea was to just move the checkout area back a bit and that is exactly what we did! By separating the checkout area from the main entrance aisle, the flow of traffic will be a lot more pleasant!

We really hope you like the layout as much as we do! Come in and give it a test drive!

That’s the dirt for now!


Hello 2016

Thank you to everyone for a great 2015. As we enter the new year, we have many things to be excited for. One thing that I’m especially excited for kicks off in January. You many be thinking, January? Really? All the holidays are over, we don’t have much business and it’s very cold (well, if it was a normal year)! That all might be true … so you may still be asking yourself, what could possibly be exciting in January? Well it’s breaking open that first bag of soil to plant the annuals and perennials – Nothing beats the smell of fresh soil (well, ok ok, the smell of Balsam is just as good).

About every week now, trucks start rolling in with cart loads of plants that make their way into our greenhouse ready to be planted and grow on into the beautiful plants you see in the spring. Let’s get dirty! There are a lot of new and exciting varieties this year too. Look for the new Calibrachoa ‘Holy Moly’. This color combo will knock your socks off! I mean really, what will they think of next? Blue Geranium maybe? That would be crazy and very popular may I add. Until then, enjoy the new and exciting varieties for 2016!

That’s the dirt for now.