Wearing Autumn


Like so many of us, autumn is a favorite time of year for me. The blooming and changing colors of gold, orange, red, and brown signify a change for each of us. Time to prepare for shorter and colder days. Our days in reality don’t get shorter, but they feel as if they are. Our bodies and minds so clearly respond to daylight as they too begin a process of reducing on energy.

This time of year, a favorite past time of my mother and I would be to take a drive and pick out our favorite shades of the changing colors of the leaves and joyfully pick what we would want to wear in that particular color.

“That gold would be a perfect sweater!”
“I’d love a dress that color red!”


It was our way of being in harmony with the changing colors of nature…and each other.

Next time you are out, take an extra moment to enjoy the changing colors of autumn and pick a color or two that you would like to wear.  If you want to experience all the colors of the season at one time…stop by THE GARDEN to enjoy the flowers, scents and maybe pick out a sweater in gold or a dress in a shade of red.