Village Shopping

When I was a kid, and later young adult, a special outing with my mother was about 45 minutes away from home to a “village of shops.”  First stop was the soap store that smelled so good with all of their fragrant soaps and bath items. I loved going into the pewter store for unique jewelry. In the leather store the smell and feel of incredible handbags that would last “forever” were alluring as we would look for a bag we could afford. My mother and I always enjoyed the small shops with casual classic clothing for ladies that were unique and wonderful.  Our shopping was a day-long event that included lunch out.  At home, we would unpack our bags and re-live the fun we had finding our new treasures!

As I walk through our own Gift Shop/Fashion Boutique, the treasured memory of those days spent together at the village shops returns to me, and I look forward to sharing similar moments with my own daughter.