Trick or Treat

Trick or treating is the finish to Halloween.  But candy is truly secondary to what happens in preparation and celebration of Halloween. Planning and decorating is what leads up to prowling the neighborhood, going door to door, costumed in this year’s alter-ego. This is really what seems to signify Halloween for kids and adults alike: decorating. Houses are decorated. Interiors of homes are decorated. Costumes decorate our bodies.


The pumpkin is probably the most used item and image in decorating. The carving of the Jack O’Lantern is a timed honored tradition for display on Halloween evening. My parents would be in charge of the carving to safe-guard us kids from any carving accidents. As kids, we had the fantastic fun of emptying the pumpkin brains (fibrous strands and seeds). Using spoons and our bare hands, we dove into the stringy and slippery mess of ‘pumpkin guts’ and ripped out as much as we could, shrieking “ewe” all the while!


Designs ranged from kinda scary to goofy and funny faces. Add the flickering candle and we had a masterpiece to greet our fellow trick or treaters!


If you haven’t carved a pumpkin in awhile, why not renew this tradition this year?  Be creative. Have fun. And have a Happy Halloween!