This weigh to FALL


It’s that wonderful time of year again. The air is crisp, the apples are for pickin’ and the leaves are turning as we move into fall. To get the best out of this favorite season, it is all about the decorating! From corn stalks to indian corn, pumpkins to gourds and mums to kale (eating and decorating), we have it all and a little bit more! Be bold and mix celosia ‘intenz’ with lime green millet and colorful pansies or stick to the pallet from the trees and mix reds, oranges and yellows or just incase you are like me, there is always the simplicity of white pumpkins and dark color millets that is clean and more modern. Whatever your style, whatever your colors, whatever your inspiration, we can put it together with everything fall! Happy Autumn!

That’s the dirt for now …