I hadn’t seen my high school friend for quite some time.  Life and geography just seemed to put a wedge between us over the years. One day I receive a phone call out of the blue from Leslie.  She was going to be in the area for a business trip and could we get together for dinner? Surprised and delighted, I of course said yes.  She would come to my house and I would make dinner for us.

Reunion day my ever-thoughtful friend did not come empty handed. She brought with her a small pink rose bush. She had never been to my house and was not sure what to bring. Her gift could not have been more perfect!  We enjoyed catching up over the next few hours. Her hearing about my family and my children and me hearing about hers. We parted but not before promising to do a better job of staying in touch.  This is a promise we have kept.

I planted that rose bush in my back yard and enjoyed watching it grow over the next few years. Our renewed friendship also grew. Again, life changes came into play and I sold my house and moved South. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take the rose bush with me.  I have since returned North and my friend recently moved to the South. Funny how the geography keeps changing. I will be visiting Leslie soon….guess what I will bring with me?