The Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the greatest impact…especially when we don’t consciously notice, but our subconscious does. I like order and yet I like to be surprised. When my house is in order…I just feel better about my space. When it’s messy, cluttered, or tired looking, I don’t feel as much peace. A nice surprise at home might be sitting on my porch and seeing the new bloom on a flower, or a bird that I had not previously noticed fluttering about the yard. The bird has most likely been there…but somehow I had not seen him before.

Here at Dietrich Gardens and The Garden, order and surprise are both part of what we bring to our customers. Our plants are displayed in an orderly and attractive way that invites you to come in, look around and take your pick of what expresses the gardener in you. Take your time, there is lots to see.

The surprise here is how quickly our plants move out the door (in being purchased); and how quickly the displays change in order to highlight new plants. If you visit us several times during a season, you may not consciously notice all the changes, but your subconscious notices. Table top displays are ever changing, giving your mind’s-eye ideas on design and decorating. Visit us on a weekly basis and pay attention…you will see how much things change around here!

It may not seem like much, but to us, creating a consistently “new” and enjoyable experience for you is what we care about.