Summertime is Reunion Time

Summertime is so often family reunion time!
I remember my first family reunion on my father’s side. It was such fun reconnecting with family that I had not seen in years.  My cousin, Geena, wasn’t a little kid anymore, but a beautiful and bright young woman with an international career, husband and two children. Her brother, Jim, now owned a local restaurant and my Aunt Rose was the hostess! And of course, I met family members I did not know I had. My family had moved to another state when I was just a child and as a result we saw family infrequently. Another cousin, Ann, was in charge of invitations to all family members she could find (and thankfully she found us).

Local members of the family were in charge of decorating, and decorate they did! Colorful table clothes, matching plates and napkins joined potted flowers on the tables creating a warm, inviting and festive atmosphere. As the breeze blew, it carried the gentle fragrance of the flowers to all nearby.  It is hard to say what was more impressive to look at, the beautiful flowers or the piles of home-cooked foods displayed to be shared by one and all. A fun time was enjoyed by everyone that day!

At the end of the reunion, families were able to take home a potted plant so each family could keep the memory alive of our time together even longer. My fond memories of that day return as my daisies, with care, continue to bloom every summer.