Skating Along

In seeing the frozen water in the bird baths this morning, I was transported back to when I was 7 years old. Across the street from our house, hidden just beyond the tree line, was a small pond. There was great excitement among my brothers and sister that first Christmas to find ice skates under the tree for each of us.


Our dad took us across to the pond when he deemed the ice thick enough to hold our weight. Four young kids on ice in our new skates for the first time! Dad was patient in teaching us balance, pushing off and using the toe pick to stop. With Dad’s permission, my oldest brother would shovel the snow off the ice so we could skate after a snowstorm.


Returning to the frozen water in the bird baths, I wonder what do the birds who stay north think of ice? I imagine cartoon-like images of them gliding across the icy bird baths!


Here at The Garden, it is a beehive of activity. Plantings are happening as I write, for the spring. Geraniums and Vinca Vine just to name a few. The Gift Shop/Fashion Boutique has packed away the holiday decorations to make room for new spring items.


Pssst – Stop into the Gift Shop during March for our Bring-Friend Discount Card for redemption in April!