Signs of the Times

I remember the fun I used to have as a kid, running around the neighborhood and riding our bikes after school this time of year. The school day wasn’t too hot and it was still light so we could stay outside until dinnertime. Kickball and hide ‘n seek kept most of the neighborhood kids busy, while shooting hoops, riding our bikes and just taking a walk would fill the time if only a few of us were available.The houses in the neighborhood took on a new look. Early fall decorations of pumpkins, mums and door wreathes were popping up all over to remind us of the holidays that were coming. Holidays that delighted us as kids because of the delicacies we were assured of. Halloween gave promise of candy as we dressed in homemade costumes to go door to door gleefully proclaiming “trick or treat!” Thanksgiving brought the roasted turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. Christmas signaled gifts and more sweets, closely followed by the New Year and the promise of bright futures.

Yes, this is a time to pay attention. The hints are all around us of the changes in the seasons. These are special days that signal celebrations just over the horizon.