Raindrops Keep Falling

It seems as if we have had our share of the rain this year…haven’t we? And I have to admit that the rain can be so very soothing.

I learned as youngster to always have a book with me in case of down time. Being a kid, that usually meant being able to read while waiting for my parents. When I babysat, a book was essential to pass the time after those I was watching went to bed. During summer vacation, we never had a reason to be bored because if we were unable to be outside to play, we had a book to read. I have fond memories of reading while listening to the summer rain fall on the roof, among the trees and on the water at the lake that we spent a lot of time at growing up. The pitter patter of the rain is so soothing in its repetition. After the rain stops, there is nothing more beautiful than the shimmer it leaves behind on all the plants and trees.

Even here at The Garden, when the rain stops, the plant and flowers look beautiful as they shine with wetness in the light. We all take a moment from time to time to appreciate this.

Gazing at beauty never gets old, does it?