Trees & Shrubs

we work with some of the finest tree and shrub growers in the industry!

Whether it’s creating a new garden, adding to your foundation planting or just planting a tree in your yard, we realize that it’s a long lasting investment. This is why we visit each and every grower, hand selecting most of our stock through the season. So next time you plant a beautiful tree and/or shrub from our farm into your yard, just know we handpicked it just for you!


We grow thousands of perennials giving you endless selection during the year!

When other garden center’s tables look bare and tired, our benches are full and fresh. We are always testing new cultivars and standing by some of the great staples to meet the demand of the home gardener and/or landscape professional.
No matter what the season, it seems that we are always planting perennials. Our spring forget-me-nots, violas, and other flowering favorites are ready early, looking fresh and perky to welcome the start of our season. The bulk of our perennial production, however, is done in the summer and fall. The warm weather helps develop a deep root system, while the cool fall nights help strengthen the roots for their long winter nap. So next time you grab one of our perennials, just know they are well rooted just for you!


It seems that annuals are always on our mind. We strive to provide the best colors, genetics and garden performance each and every year.

All summer we visit different trial gardens, place orders for over 100,000 plugs, and create a planting program for each one. It’s a lot of work, but well worth it when that first truck arrives and we are able to break open that first bag of soil! Each pot is filled and planted the old fashion way, by hand. The quality of our plants grows naturally through passion and IPM. So the next time you buy your summer color, know we put our heart and soul into each and every plant we grow!


Our houseplant selection will have you making room in your home for another live treasure.

We have devoted the entire retail greenhouse to houseplants when we saw the trend for greenery in the home become more and more popular. You can’t even flip through a magazine now without fantastic foliage pieces accenting throughout the pages. Houseplants are everywhere now and with the help of an awesome supplier, and of course our great taste, we are able to wow you with varieties of plants you have never seen before. Don’t worry though, we still have the common ones too! So next time you think you can’t get color without flowers, take a stroll through our greenhouse and admire the beautiful color from foliage favorites of ours like the oh-so-popular Calathea. Bring one home and it will bring a whole new look to your room.


Herbs are HOT, and we carry the torch!

We offer a huge selection of IPM and organically raised herbs during the growing season. “It’s not just Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme anymore”, there seems to be an herb for any and everything. Whether it’s Coriander or Comfrey, Tarragon or Teucrum, we have what you’re looking for. So the next Thyme you’re in our greenhouse check out our DILLicious herb selection!