Our Story

Where it all began

In 1978, Kim and Dan Dietrich opened their business with a Southington fruit and vegetable market and 35 acre farm that they leased in Cheshire. And then ...

Opened Dietrich Gardens in Cheshire

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In 1985, we transitioned from field grown vegetable crops to greenhouse grown flowers at our new location in Cheshire.

Purchased The Garden in Woodbury

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The last week of December 1986, we purchased a 16 acre farm, The Garden, in Woodbury.

Built the Retail Greenhouse & 4 Hoop Houses in Woodbury

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This addition, three short years later, would allow us more than enough room to grow and sell annual flowers after working with so little in the beginning.



Erected a 12,000 sq ft Dutch Glass House in Woodbury

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This was our biggest addition and one of the first of its kind in CT. Our new Glass House was all the room we needed and has taken on many roles over the years, leading to its current role as an extension of our retail greenhouse.

Cheshire Overhaul

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Having Dietrich Gardens for almost 20 years, it was showing its age and in need of a lot of work! So our decision on the 5th of July was to tear it all down and re-build it. Contrary to many farmers in town, we managed to demolish and re-build in record time, finishing just in time for Christmas. We were selling Poinsettias out of our brand new Garden Center the second week in November!

Raised the Roof of the Building and Added Offices in Woodbury


We also attached the retail greenhouse to the building and added a garage and potting area. How did we ever live without this?

Installed Solar Panels in Woodbury

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This was a great day for The Garden to finally Go Green! Just as we use the sun to grow plants, we are now using it to generate 100% of our electricity.


Reconfigured the Parking Lot in Woodbury

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This must needed change allows the traffic to flow much more effectiantly and safely. It also changed the aesthetics of the retail perennial, tree and shrub area. Reconfiguring the parking lot has allowed us more customer parking and a larger shopping area while keeping with the same foot print.