My Summer Vacation

I remember as a kid, returning to school and having to write an essay on what I did during my summer vacation. Those essays always filled me with dread. Most certainly, everyone else would have something more interesting to say than what my family and I did during my summer vacation.  Typically we spent the summer at home. I look back on those summers and realize they were a magical time spent with the people who love me and that I love….namely, my family.

Summertime is garden-time. Mom always planted a vegetable garden. My brother and I were often in charge of the weeding and watering of the garden. Our efforts also entitled us to the picking of the ripe fruits and vegetables for the family dinner table. Mom loved beefsteak tomatoes, they were practically a meal unto themselves! Maintaining the gardens around the house were also part of our summertime domain. Mom loved lots of flowers. She always felt plants provide beauty to everything they touch.

Mid-summer we would drive to upstate New York to stay at the family cottage nestled on a remote lake for a week or two. Mom, Dad, four kids and our grandmother stayed in a two bedroom cottage with one bathroom, a small black and white TV (with only occasional reception) and a telephone for emergencies. But it was heaven on earth! Swimming in the lake, rowing, taking walks, collecting wild flowers, catching fireflies and reading lots of books. When all else failed, a deck of cards came out to pass the time.

Summers are different now. The family is spread out and no longer spends time together as we used to. But a few things remain the same…such as the love we have for one another, catching fireflies is still fun, and plants still provide beauty to everything they touch.