Music in the Air

The other day I was walking from the greenhouse through the gift shop – on a mission to complete a task. I was stopped mid-step by the sound of a deep chorus of chimes. I was unsure of where the wind chimes were moved to in making room for the holiday items. As I looked around, a gentleman stepped out from around a display and shyly said, “that was me…I couldn’t resist touching the chimes.” We exchanged smiles of appreciation and understanding.


I say “appreciation and understanding” because I suspect he and I have a shared triggered response. When I hear a wind chime, it reminds me of someone very special who gave one to me a number of years ago. My wind chime has moved with me over the years and is currently hanging on my front porch. The person that gave it to me has since passed.  Yet with every breeze (gentle and otherwise) I hear the graceful tune that is distinct and brings me wonderful memories of the person who has brought so much love and joy into my life.


And with my wind chime, there is always music in the air!