Hello 2016

Thank you to everyone for a great 2015. As we enter the new year, we have many things to be excited for. One thing that I’m especially excited for kicks off in January. You many be thinking, January? Really? All the holidays are over, we don’t have much business and it’s very cold (well, if it was a normal year)! That all might be true … so you may still be asking yourself, what could possibly be exciting in January? Well it’s breaking open that first bag of soil to plant the annuals and perennials – Nothing beats the smell of fresh soil (well, ok ok, the smell of Balsam is just as good).

About every week now, trucks start rolling in with cart loads of plants that make their way into our greenhouse ready to be planted and grow on into the beautiful plants you see in the spring. Let’s get dirty! There are a lot of new and exciting varieties this year too. Look for the new Calibrachoa ‘Holy Moly’. This color combo will knock your socks off! I mean really, what will they think of next? Blue Geranium maybe? That would be crazy and very popular may I add. Until then, enjoy the new and exciting varieties for 2016!

That’s the dirt for now.