No carving required

It’s that time of year when decorating is essential to the season. Go get your pumpkins and let’s get creative. No need to unpack those carving kits though, instead pick a couple colors of acrylic paint and get out a few different sized brushes. Use the natural ribbing and shapes of the pumpkins/gourds to inspire your strokes and start painting. Add a little sparkle to the mix with some colored glitter too (don’t forget the glitter glue)! This is a great project you can do with the kids (besides, who said you can only paint on paper)! Have fun.

Not feeling too artsy, it’s okay, I got a creative project for you too. Pick out a few different pumpkins and/or gourds and build something by flipping them up-side-down, sideways and/or backwards. You’ll be surprised how many different arrangements/things you can make. Do you like our gladiator?

If you don’t have a creative bone in your body, I saved the simplest decorating tip just for you. Take your empty window boxes and lay some straw down over the soil. Pick out some small sugar pumpkins and/or gourds and arrange them over the straw. Poof! You have yourself a beautiful, no-water-required window box for the season! Get ready to make your neighbors jealous.

That’s the dirt for now …