Coal or Kohl?

Whether it’s a lump of coal or a Lump of Gold, we have everything on your naughty and nice list. Ok, so we don’t have the lump of coal you’re thinking about, but we do have a Lump of Gold and let’s face it – that sounds so much better. What’s in Lump of Gold? I’m glad you asked, because we are in love with this new product from a company called Beekman 1802, and we want to tell you a little about them and their products.

A couple New York fellas bought the Beekman farm located in Sharon Springs, NY in 2007 and believe in good products made from botanical based ingredients and free from paraffins and/or sulfates. They use their goat’s milk (a natural anti-inflammatory) as a primary ingredient to make their beauty line which leaves your skin clean and well moisturized. Other natural ingredients they use in their Lump of Gold, for example, consist of Shea Butter and Coconut Oil scented with Star Anise and Bergamont with Gold Mica. Another favorite among the line is their Lump of Kohl – this triple milled soap has real activated Bamboo Charcoal to remove toxins and purify your skin. We also have their soap, body wash, body lotion, hand lotion, and chap stick to name a few. The whole line is a great gift for HIM or her, so fill those stockings up with the good Kohl this year! It will surely impress and make Santa look like he stepped up his game! Happy gift buying.

That’s the dirt for now …