Christmas Tree

Few times of year seem more magical than the Christmas season. I remember an especially magical Christmas morning when I was young. The family Christmas tree had been put up and decorated weeks prior. The scent of the pine tree lingered throughout the house. This particular Christmas morning we entered the living room to find a second Christmas tree had been set-up.  This tree was much smaller than the first and was placed on a table.  What made it so special is that it was decorated with the older delicate ornaments that my parents were keeping “safe” from the natural, yet often clumsy, curiosity of us younger kids. These ornaments had not been on display since my parents were married (and had yet to start our family of four children).

The glass ornaments were exquisite. The colors were vibrant. We could see through the glass…but not quite.  My oldest brother was beaming with pride as us younger kids ooh’d and aah’d at the sight of this tree. This was a magical moment for us all…including my parents who were also surprised at this unexpected addition to our decorations!

I still love to see glass ornaments that remind me of my childhood. My tradition is to add one ornament each year to hang and appreciate on the tree…with of course a beautiful angel on top!