• Ready. Set. Grow

    Oh the wonderful smell of soil! The Vinca Vine, Geraniums and Fuchsia are in the dirt everyone! Next to come in this month are the 4″ crops of Geraniums, New Guineas, Dahlias, Begonias and much more. I know what you’re thinking, it takes this long for them to grow? Yes, that Geranium hanging basket ... Read More

  • Coal or Kohl?

    Whether it’s a lump of coal or a Lump of Gold, we have everything on your naughty and nice list. Ok, so we don’t have the lump of coal you’re thinking about, but we do have a Lump of Gold and let’s face it – that sounds so much better. What’s in Lump of ... Read More

  • O Christmas Sale. O Christmas Sale.

    “O Christmas sale. O Christmas sale. How lovely are thy gifts”

    Christmas music – Christmas gifts – Christmas here, there and everywhere! Join us for our annual Gift Store Open House and some sweet sales too! This year, for the first time, we will offer 15% off Christmas gifts all day from ... Read More

  • This weigh to FALL

    It’s that wonderful time of year again. The air is crisp, the apples are for pickin’ and the leaves are turning as we move into fall. To get the best out of this favorite season, it is all about the decorating! From corn stalks to indian corn, pumpkins to gourds ... Read More

  • EXTRA EXTRA – Read all about them

    I really hope you got the Voices May 31st and saw our long-time employees, Lisa Layton and Justine Leeper spotlighted on page 27 for their amazing work in the gift store. Their creativity and great taste has brought in not only about 25 new lines for the store but a new captured ... Read More

  • Spring Ahead

    Breathe … spring is here, and when you are ready, we are ready for you. We sprung ahead and got your favorite first color for the garden – pansies are here and smiling all different shades of color. Which color to pick is the only tough part. With the season ... Read More

  • Endless Inventory

    Still in hibernation this winter? We have a way you can still shop with us even though you don’t want to leave your “cave” to go out-and-about in this weather. There are two great growers we buy from that allow you to purchase from their inventory and have it shipped ... Read More

  • Gift Store Open House

    The countdown is on – The gift store open house is right around the corner. Displays are getting bigger and our selection will have you finding a gift for everyone on your list!!! If you’ve never made it to our open house, make it a point this year because the ... Read More

  • A Garden Fairytale

    Don’t you just love this time of year when the weather cools down, all the beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow cover the trees, and pumpkins are ready to pick? Well, we sure do! We go down to Pennsylvania and hand pick our pumpkins to give you the best selection out ... Read More

  • Labor Day Sale

    Dig this – 25% off Trees, Shrubs & Herbs and 50% off Roses & Tropical plants. Fall is a great time for planting so come on down and take advantage of our Labor Day Sale going on until September 5th. Some exclusions apply of course: Perennials, Pachysandra, Myrtle, Ivy, Mums, Asters, ... Read More