• Wearing Autumn


    Like so many of us, autumn is a favorite time of year for me. The blooming and changing colors of gold, orange, red, and brown signify a change for each of us. Time to prepare for shorter and colder days. Our days in reality don’t get shorter, but they feel ... Read More

  • My Summer Vacation

    I remember as a kid, returning to school and having to write an essay on what I did during my summer vacation. Those essays always filled me with dread. Most certainly, everyone else would have something more interesting to say than what my family and I did during my summer ... Read More

  • Raindrops Keep Falling

    It seems as if we have had our share of the rain this year…haven’t we? And I have to admit that the rain can be so very soothing.

    I learned as youngster to always have a book with me in case of down time. Being a kid, that usually meant being ... Read More

  • Favorite Things

    They say a song or an image or a scent can transport you to a different place and time by the intensity of the memory associated with that song, image or scent. Hearing the ABBA song “Dancing Queen” reminds me of a ski trip I took in high school with ... Read More

  • Thank You!

    Many thanks to you, our customers, who joined us on Customer Appreciation Day!  Despite the early torrential rains, many joined us early in the morning.  By the time pizza and ice cream were being served at noon, the weather was clearing and eventually the sun and blue skies greeted everyone! ... Read More

  • Friends

    I hadn’t seen my high school friend for quite some time.  Life and geography just seemed to put a wedge between us over the years. One day I receive a phone call out of the blue from Leslie.  She was going to be in the area for a business trip ... Read More

  • It’s a Family Affair

    The Garden (Woodbury, CT) and Dietrich Gardens (Cheshire, CT) are more than merely garden nurseries. Our nurseries are places that connect us to you…connecting our family to your family. Just as you take pride in your home, the Dietrich family takes pride in planting and growing beautiful plants that help ... Read More

  • Memories

    Mary, Mary, quite contrary

    How does your garden grow?

    With silver bells and cockleshells

    And pretty maids all in a row.


    This is a nursery rhyme that my children and I would repeat over and over when we would be working in our own garden. We didn’t have silver bells or pretty maids, but ... Read More

  • Rainbow of Colors

    I have always loved seeing a rainbow. The magical appearance of colors in the sky, aligned together and bent ever so gently, caressing the horizon in the shape of an arch. Rainbows inspire dreaming. Where do they begin…where do they end…does anybody really know? The same for my dreams…no beginning ... Read More

  • Summertime is Reunion Time

    Summertime is so often family reunion time! I remember my first family reunion on my father’s side. It was such fun reconnecting with family that I had not seen in years.  My cousin, Geena, wasn’t a little kid anymore, but a beautiful and bright young woman with an international career, husband ... Read More