Rainbow of Colors

I have always loved seeing a rainbow. The magical appearance of colors in the sky, aligned together and bent ever so gently, caressing the horizon in the shape of an arch. Rainbows inspire dreaming. Where do they begin…where do they end…does anybody really know? The same for my dreams…no beginning that I can remember and hopefully no end to my dreaming.  What do I dream about?  Mostly about the good life: those I love – my family and my friends. I dream of us being together and enjoying our lives. This includes those in my family who have gone before me. In my dreams they are with

me. My dreams are as magical as the colors of the rainbow. I love being surrounded by colors…there are never too many colors…and I love that there are seasons for some colors. White, red and green in the winter; yellow, pink and purple in the spring; lush greens and almost every color imaginable in the summer; and muted yellows, reds and browns in the fall.

I love all the colors, but I especially love red and white. Red as fire and passion, white as the purity of a blanket of snow. These colors speak to me.

What colors speak to you?  Are you listening?